Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra

Rehearsal Information

Autumn Term 2018

October 17th will be a string only rehearsal, working mainly on the Grieg but also the Sibelius pieces. Strings players should do their utmost to attend.
No rehearsal 31st October 2018 (Half Term)
November 7th - Rachel will be coming to work on the concerto. This will last for the whole rehearsal. Again it would really help if absence was at a minimum.
November 14th - Rachel is coming to run the concerto with us before the day, which will take half of the rehearsal.
Final Rehearsal this term12th December 2018

Spring Term 2019

First Rehearsal9th January 2019
No rehearsal 20 February 2019 (Half Term)
Final rehearsal 3rd April 2019

Summer Term 2019

First Rehearsal24th April 2019
No rehearsal 29th May 2019 (Half Term)
Final rehearsal 17th July 2019

Dress Code for Concert Performance

To be confirmed


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TSO Concert Programme 2017-18 (pdf) 2017-18 Concert Programme
TSO Safeguarding Policy September 2018 (pdf) 2017-18 Concert Programme
Fire evacuation protocol 2018 (pdf) 2017-18 Concert Programme