Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra

Become a Member of TSO

For string players:

We do not hold formal auditions. If you wish to play in the orchestra, contact the Leader
The leader will contact you to invite you to join us for a trial period (usually 3 rehearsals). After this you will be in a better position to decide whether we are what you are looking for, and we can see whether you fit well into the section.
Currently we have vacancies in all sections of the strings.

For wind players and brass players:

Please contact us if you're interested. Even though we can't always guarantee there will be a vacancy for your instrument, there may be oppurtunities depending on the pieces we are playing.

What is expected of members:

That they attend rehearsals, practise orchestral parts, and are responsible for any music allocated to them. They will also be expected to share responsibilities (such as setting up for concerts or rehearsals).

Rehearsing members:

It is the policy of the orchestra to encourage both younger and less experienced players; so there is a category of 'rehearsing member'.
This enables players who are not yet of the standard to play in concerts to attend rehearsals without performing in the concerts.

Subscriptions for 2020/21:

£90.00 per annum, payable if desired in three instalments of £30. Young persons in full time education are not required to pay a subscription.