Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra

Past Concerts

Saturday 16th November 2019 7:30pm - Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon

Conductor: Phil Draisey
Leader: Carmen Tunney
CimarosaSecret Marriage Overture
ArriagaSymphony in D
Richard StraußOboe Concerto
MozartSymphony 35 (Haffner)
Classical Gems

The classical gems of this concert certainly shone bright on Saturday evening for the latest concert by the Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra. It was a delight for me to be introduced to four such pleasing works, which I am ashamed to say, I had previously not heard. The orchestra played each with great sensitivity, following the clear direction of the conductor Philip Draisey. As a conductor, I found him mesmerizing to watch, with his whole body and face energetically encapsulating how he wanted the orchestra to respond. The orchestra followed his guidance with superb results.

The first piece, Cimarosa’s Overture to ‘Il matrimonio segreto’ was very bright, with effective dynamic contrast throughout and some wonderfully rousing crescendos, as well as perfectly timed increases in tempo. As the overture to the opera, it certainly made me intrigued to hear more.

The Arriaga sinfonia started in a more sedate fashion with the warm string section in a musical conversation with the woodwind. Each complemented the other effectively while allowing the different textures to shine. Again , dynamic contrasts were effective and clear with the sections supporting each other throughout.

After the interval was the highlight of my evening; Strauss’ Oboe Concerto. Never before have I heard such oboe playing and I feel so privileged to have witnessed the soloist, Sasha Calin. It is not often that I am moved to tears by an ‘amateur’ orchestra, but this was one of those occasions. The way the orchestra responded to her demonstrated their prowess and she herself was completely captivating. There was absolute silence of awe and wonderment between movements, showing that we were all aware that we were witnessing something quite remarkable. The rousing applause at the end of the concerto was fully deserved and I lost count of the number of ‘curtain calls’ which the soloist had to take.

Who could follow that? Well, Mozart. Again, a piece I was unfamiliar with but you could not fail to identify the composer, and the orchestra did it justice. Again, contrasts in the score were ably handled. There were light, almost dance like sections offering a playful quality, tones of a courtly waltz with brass and woodwind overlaying to provide a rich, regal texture, refined woodwind and sweeping strings. The ending itself could only have been Mozart and was gloriously delivered by Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra. A real gem of an evening!

Liz Newton

Saturday 29th June 2019 7:30pm - Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon

Conductor: Phil Draisey
Leader: Carmen Tunney
J WilliamsStar Wars
J WilliamsHarry Potter
ShoreLord of the Rings
BernsteinWest Side Story
It’s not often you turn up to a concert on a sweltering Saturday evening and bump into a life-size model of Hagrid however this is precisely what happened at Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra’s performance of ‘Music From The Movies!’ This welcome readied the audience for an exciting – or should we say magical – night of nostalgic music at Holy Trinity Church, Bradford-On-Avon. It was a 29th of June we will always remember!
The expectant silence that came before the performance was dramatically broken by the iconic music that accompanies every Twentieth Century Fox film. The sudden drum roll made several audience members jump as high as the Death Star! After this flourish of music, the audience heard extracts from John Williams’ famous film score for Star Wars. The resounding brass fanfare of the imperial March made it seem as though Darth Vader himself was striding around the church! The orchestra played with precision and drama under the baton of Philip Draisey. Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra proved that they can not only play fast and furious music but they also mastered the delicate and lyrical melodies of the Princess Leia theme. The beautiful horn and flute solos drifted high up into the ornate church rafters. We were mesmerised.
The magic continued into the second piece which was Howard Shore’s world-renowned film score to Harry Potter. This was, without a doubt, our favourite! It sounded so much like the actual film music as it transported us into the Harry’s magical world of friendship, wizardry and danger. We couldn’t help but smile as we recognised the different melodies. Our hearts soared as if we were flying high on Nimbus 2000!
Having watched the films and having read, The Hobbit, hearing Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra play The Lord of the Rings Suite for orchestra, brought the magical world of Gandalf and his comrades to life. The different melodies filled the church. We enjoyed reading the specially produced children’s programme and puzzled over the following question: What links together William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Leonard Bernstein and New York city? The answer is, of course, West Side Story! This final piece, brought this thrilling concert to a fantastic finale. The fast-paced mambo, accompanied by the talented percussion section, made us want to jump up and dance. The orchestra’s passionate performance brought the story of the Jets and Sharks to life. The Cuban rhythms contrasted with delicate Cha-Cha, filling the church with an ardent atmosphere. Once again the orchestra proved themselves worthy of the standing ovation they received when the performance came to a close.
If only all symphony orchestra concerts could be performed as well as this. Music from the Movies was a triumph. Time simply flew by. We will be back for your next performance in November!
Katy and Ella, aged 11.

Trowbridge Symphony orchestra gave us the magic from the movies on Saturday 29 of June when they performed some extraordinary pieces from STAR WARS, HARRY POTTER, LORD of the RINGS and WEST SIDE STORY. The performance was just spectacular and the conducting of Philip Draisey caught you in a trance and the rest of the orchestra played in tune while also producing an amazing sound.
The first few pieces, extracted from STAR WARS, were played with much elegance and you could just see everyone in Holy Trinity Church in Bradford on Avon, where Trowbridge Symphony orchestra performed on that Saturday night, watching with much content. Their next, HARRY POTTER, was also a spectacular piece to watch and had a great trumpet melody and a remarkable brass fanfare.
Next, we had a piece originally composed by Howard Shore played with quality by the Trowbridge Symphony orchestra and conducted well, once again by Philip Draisey. The final piece was WEST SIDE STORY, another extraordinary piece originally transformed from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to Leonard Bernstein’s modern version made for the audiences of the modern day.
Overall the Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra’s performance dazzled me and dazzled many others in the audience. The performance left me with a feeling more than joy and happiness and I will definitely be attending their next concert in the autumn. This performance truly showed how well an orchestra can play.
Murray, aged 11

Saturday 23rd March 2019 7:30 pm - Wiltshire Music Centre

Conductor: Phil Draisey
Leader: Carmen Tunney
Vaughan WilliamsEnglish Folk Song Suite
ElgarCello ConcertoSoloist - Lorna Davis
BrittenMatinees Musicales
PurcellRondeau from Abdelazar Suite
BrittenYoung Person's Guide to the Orchestra

Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra’s programme on Saturday 23rd March was made up of the sort of music that gives you a warm glow of recognition as the first few bars of each piece are played; like the pleasure you get from bumping into an old friend in the street. This feeling was maintained by the orchestra’s able playing of an ambitious and challenging programme, and complemented by Philip Draisey’s enthusiastic conducting, which was itself a delight to watch.
Britten’s Matinées Musicales was a wonderful mix of the boisterous and delicate. Then Lorna Davis as soloist gave an animated and accomplished performance of Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E Minor. The cello sang, sometimes with laments, sometimes with a vigour that sent shivers down your spine. This was followed by Vaughan Williams’ Suite “English Folk Songs”, the sound of which, in full orchestra version, filled Wiltshire Music Centre’s sold-out auditorium gloriously.
The finale was Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell, but first we heard Purcell’s version of the theme in his Rondeau. Hearing the Rondeau first was a lovely lead into the Britten piece, and the orchestra played both with vigour and spirit. Kate Courage’s narration was subtly worked into the music and did a wonderful job of underlining its original educational intention without distracting at all. All sections of the orchestra played their parts beautifully, enjoying their moments in the spotlight and demonstrating how good an amateur orchestra can be.

Saturday November 17th 2018 - St. James' Church, Trowbridge

Nordic Legends

Conductor: Phil Draisey
Leader: Carmen Tunney
WilliamsHymn to the Fallen
SibeliusViolin ConcertoSoloist - Rachel Stonham
SibeliusValse Triste
GriegPeer Gynt - Suites 1 & 2

FOR their autumn concert, the Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra took over St James' Church in their home town for an evening celebrating two of Scandinavia's biggest names in classical music, Norway's Edvard Grieg and Finland's Jean Sibelius.
But first, in a tribute to the recent Armistice centenary, the orchestra began with John Williams' Hymn to the Fallen, from Saving Private Ryan. Much as the piece diverted from the concert's overall theme, it was a fitting opening number. It was performed so well that the absence of vocals was not even noticeable.
The strings section truly led the way in this particular concert. But the star of the show was the soloist, whose incandescent talent provoked no little comment across the venue. Trowbridge's 17-year-old Rachel Stonham, a former student of TSO leader Carmen Tunney, impressed with an effortless display of confidence and almost military control and discipline over her instrument. A level of talent we have seen in the likes of Itzhak Perlman, Sarah Chang, Nicola Benedetti, and even the great Yehudi Menuhin.
Stonham shone in her performance of Sibelius' Violin Concerto, the movements of which successfully transitioned between the mournful and harrowing to the mischievous and fiery at the end.
Lighter notes followed in the second half, where the orchestra remained with Sibelius in a seamless performance of the Valse Triste. Again, it was the violins, violas and cellos that helped capture the playful alternation between the energetic and sorrowful moods.
Rounding off the concert, we heard a full rendition of both of Grieg's Peer Gynt Suites. Beginning with the lesser-known Suite No. 2, whose tones are far more violent, distressing and chaotic, as they tell tales of abduction and disaster until the understated, sad ending. In Suite No. 1, the section that truly stood out was the sorrowful and grief-riddled Death of Åse, in which the audience could join the hero as he mourns his mother.
The orchestra truly came together as one for what could not have been a better finale. The bit that everyone knows - In The Hall of the Mountain King. With conductor Philip Draisey's calm but firm control and direction, each artist in their own right succeeded in depicting that slow development from the quiet creeping to the chaotic crescendo.
Once again, the Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra never fails to impress or deliver an incomparable musical experience. This can be in part down to the leadership of Philip Draisey and Carmen Tunney, but also in their own respective talents as musicians. It would be impossible to name any one orchestra member who stood out - they all did equally extraordinarily.

Saturday July 7th 2018 - Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon

Titans of Austria

Conductor: Phil Draisey
Leader: Carmen Tunney
MozartMagic Flute Overture
R StraussFour Last SongsSoloist Sian Dicker
MahlerSymphony no.1
While the rest of the country was celebrating England's victory over Sweden on Saturday, the Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra took over the Holy Trinity Church in Bradford-on-Avon to pay tribute to something quite different.
Three of the biggest names in classical music to come out of Austria, to be precise. A stunning programme of Strauss, Mozart and Mahler lay in store for the audience.

First, the Overture of The Magic Flute, the last opera Mozart wrote before his death. Here, the orchestra in its entirety successfully emulated the composer's blend of fantasy, comedy and tragedy, almost leaving the audience wanting to hear the rest of the opera afterwards.
But instead, the second section was left in the capable hands and incomparable voice of the singularly-gifted soprano soloist Sian Dicker with Richard Strauss' The Last Four Songs.

Simply exquisite. The flawless capture of the melancholy and romance in each song was undeniable, all within Dicker's glittering vibrato voice. With their largest orchestra to date, 70-something musicians, Dicker would have been forgiven for being dominated by the sounds around her. But instead, she took each song and made it her own.

Commendation should go to the command, control and clarity of conductor Phil Draisey, who almost became the eponymous Titan in his fierce direction of the final part of the concert.

Mahler's 1st Symphony (The Titan). And in the composer's 158th birthday, no less

In this section, the entire orchestra shone as they captured the essence and emotion in every movement, from the natural tranquility and simmering rage at the beginning to the chaos and devastation for the finale. With crescendo after crescendo, it was impossible not to be entertained.

The strings, percussion and brass sections deserve great commendation. In particular, all the French Horn players, timpanist Daniel Watt and harpist Ben Creighton Griffiths. Each are a credit to their instrument and their craft in helping bring together the mesmerising performance.

As ever, under the master leadership of conductor Draisey and leader Carmen Tunney, the Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra delivered another extraordinary performance that will keep us looking forward to their next concert.

Saturday March 17th 2018 - Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford on Avon

Conductor: Phil Draisey
Leader: Carmen Tunney
Shostakovitch Suite for Variety Orchestra (Jazz Suite No. 2)
GershwinRhapsody in BlueSoloist - Jacob Byrne

Here's a first - reviewing a classical music concert. Behind food, music is probably my greatest love. All genres including jazz, classic rock, soul and reggae. Classical is my favourite. I had occasion to visit Wiltshire a couple of weeks back and, with the demand for a variety of content, including that concerning music, entertainment and events, I thought here would be a good place to start.

Putting an American and two Russians in the same room these days is likely to lead to a highly volatile situation. Or it may be the start of a joke - An American and two Russians walk into a bar- I'll let you come up with your own punchlines for that one

What it does make for is a highly ambitious and entertaining musical programme. The show, which was sold out on a very snowy St. Patrick's Day, opened with a full performance of the Jazz Suite #2 by Dmitri Shostakovich. You'll know the famous waltz when you hear it- it's unmistakable.

It was a strange feeling listening to this music. Half the time, with the resonant string sections, one felt transported to Russia of the era of the Tsars and the grandeur of the Romanovs. Like you were standing in the ballroom of one of the imperial palaces. On the other hand, however, with the dominant brass sounds, it was like being by the seaside near the bandstand. Saxophones drowned out the trombones in places, but otherwise a uniform performance.

Following that, a piano was wheeled out and in with it came the evening's soloist, Jacob Byrne. This was to play George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue - a piece where classical and jazz start to meld into one. From the opening clarinet solo. For the film buffs among the readership, this may ring a few bells from Woody Allen's Manhatten. Close your eyes and you might find yourself in downtown New York. The loneliness suggested by the noticeable silence and drop in atmosphere with every piano solo from Byrne could just as well set the scene of a Neo-Noir movie.

Byrne demonstrated his skills as a musician, and conductor Phil Draisey did the same on the piano for the first of two encores. Byrne had transposed Gershwin's Chinese Blues for piano duet, with the conductor serving as his second. A solo piece from Debussy followed.

Personally, I have never been fond of Rimsky-Korsakov's music. You may recognise Flight of the Bumblebee upon hearing it, but arguably one of his most famous pieces is Scheherazade. If you're not aware, Scheherazade is the narrator of the One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, the stories that also gave us Aladdin, Sinbad and Ali Baba. Chaos, fire and drama - all were brought out in the TSO's rendition. So much so that I may well have been converted to enjoy the piece.

Well, rumour has it, they're having a Movie Music concert sometime in the future - I personally can't wait.

Saturday 24th June 2017 St. James Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: Phil Draisey
Leader: Carmen Tunney
RossiniOverture Barber of Seville
FaureMasques et Bergamasques
DeliusWalk to the Paradise Garden
ElgarRomance for Bassoon and Orchestra
BrahmsSymphony No.4

Saturday 25th March 2017 Wiltshire Music Centre

Conductor: Phil Draisey
Leader: Carmen Tunney
Rimsky-KorsakovMay Night Overture
ShostakovichPiano concerto No. 2Soloist: Jacob Byrne
TchaikovskySymphony No. 5

Review of Spring 2017 Concert

An Evening of Russian Music

Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra’s Spring Concert at the Bradford on Avon Music Centre was entirely devoted to Russian Music. The concert opened with the overture to ‘May Night’ by Rimsky Korsakov. The slow introduction, announced beautifully by solo horn, was followed by some furious string playing in the Allegro. A huge crescendo led to a very vigorous Presto ending.

The soloist in Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No.2 was Jacob Byrne. Our attention was immediately captured by the vivacious, rhythmic piano playing supported by the sympathetic orchestral accompaniment. The second movement began with a solemn string introduction leading to a meltingly beautiful piano theme in which the soloist displayed the most delicate playing.

In complete contrast the third movement burst in with fast rhythmic figures, many bare octaves in the piano part, punctuated by syncopated chords from the orchestra. It was an exhilarating performance and the audience showed its appreciation by tumultuous applause. We were then surprised by a piano duet (Rachmaninoff’s Italian polka) played by soloist and conductor, followed by a dreamy performance of Debussy’s ‘Clair de Lune’.

The evening ended with Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony - in four movements linked by the ‘fate’ motif. It was introduced dramatically by the first clarinet, and as the movement progressed the orchestra responded well to the emotional demands of the music. The haunting horn melody of the second movement was beautifully executed by Sophie Letheren and the whole movement exuded deep emotion.

The third movement in waltz style was also well interpreted by the orchestra. In the final movement the ‘fate’ theme recurred, the music stirred varying emotions which the orchestra conveyed most effectively.

To single out individual players is invidious but special mention must be made of the 1st bassoon, Paul Wendell, and the young timpanist Daniel Watt. The orchestra performed with great energy and passion thanks to the inspiration of their new conductor Philip Draisey.

Marion Buckler

Saturday 19th November 2016 St. James Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: Phil Draisey
Leader: Carmen Tunney
BeethovenCoriolan Overture
BrahmsSerenade No. 2 in A
BeethovenSymphony No. 3 Eroica

Review of Winter 2016 Concert

Orchestra’s autumn show provides a stirring spectacle

St James’ Parish church was the venue for the autumn concert of Trowbridge Symphony Orchetra last Saturday evening.

Under the baton of its new conductor, Philip Draisey, the concert began with Beethoven’s Overture Coriolan. From the first arresting chords depicting the stubborn Coriolanus through to the flowing melodies of his pleading family to the final submission and suicide, the orchestra gave a dramatic interpretation.

There followed the little known Serenade No. 2 in A by Brahms, an unusual work, in that it includes no violins. The result was a mellow string accompaniment to the woodwind and horns. The overall effect was excellent. The second half was devoted to Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony. In the first movement there was good contrast between the boisterous sections and the calmer moments.

In the Funeral March there was careful attention to dynamics. The Scherzo bounced along at an exuberant tempo. Every section shone in turn in the Finale, especially the oboe in her beautifully executed solo.

Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra is certainly responding well to the sensitive and energetic leadership of its new conductor.


Saturday 18th June 2016 Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: Gareth Harris
Leader: Carmen Tunney
ButterworthThe Banks of Green Willow
SmetanaFrom Bohemia"s Woods and Fields
CurranRomance for Orchestra (1st Performance)
DvorakSymphony No. 8

A review of our Summer 2016 concert

A splendid evening of British and Czech music

The orchestra's Summer Concert, conducted by Gareth Harris, took place at Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge on Saturday 18th June.

The opening item "The Banks of Green Willow" by George Butterworth Is a well crafted orchestration with a melancholy melody and harmony passing around and well balanced throughout.

"From Bohemia's Woods and Fields" by Bedrich Smetana. Impressive introduction indicating good things to come. Delightful flowing flutes, accurate harmonics from upper strings, rich cello sounds. Chorale passages very well played. Good rhythmic playing from everyone leading to finale.

"Romance for Orchestra in Eb Major" by Thomas Curran. First public performance of this work, conducted by the composer, who is also a viola player in the orchestra. Introduction was a blend of instrumental tones over a lower strings drone. Despite the complexity of orchestration all the solo and section passages were clear to the listener. The players responded to the conductor excellently with oboe, cor-anglais, brass, and leader receiving well deserved acknowledgement.

"Symphony No 8 in G Major" by Antonin Dvorak

Allegro con Brio: Confident playing, particularly cellos, produced the "Brio" effect interspersed with delicate woodwind and good horn playing.

Adagio: Well balanced opening with good cor anglais. Decorative descending strings sounded well as did similar passage taken by woodwind. Trumpets, in well tuned unison, created a climax.

Allegretto Grazioso: Rhythms and dynamics well presented with good underlying melody.

Allegro ma non Troppo: Good introductory fanfare from trumpets. Cellos displayed good tone section playing. After solo and section interplay it led to a spirited finale with the horns creating excitement and a rousing conclusion from all.

It was the conductor's final concert with Trowbridge Symphony. He was thanked by the Chairman and in his response introduced his successor Phillip Draisey.

Leon Found

Saturday 18th March 2016 Wiltshire Music Centre

Conductor: Gareth Harris
Leader: Carmen Tunney
MendelssohnOverture "Ruy Blas"
MozartSinfonia Concertante for Violin and ViolaSoloists: Daphne Moody and Moira Alabaster
SibeliusSymphony No. 2

Saturday 14th November 2015 Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: Gareth Harris
Leader: Carmen Tunney
BrahmsTragic Overture
CoplandQuiet City
HaydnTrumpet ConcertoSoloist: Helen Whitemore
SchumannSymphony No. 3 "Rhenish"

Saturday 20th June 2015 - Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: Gareth Harris
Leader: Carmen Tunney
BeethovenOverture "Egmont" - Op.84
BruchViolin Concerto No.2Soloist: Katherine Stonham (violin)
HaydnSymphony No.104 "The London"

Saturday 14th March 2015 - Wiltshire Music Centre

Conductor: Gareth Harris
Leader: Carmen Tunney
WagnerOverture "Die Meistersinger"
BottesiniGrand Duo for Violin and Double Bass
Vaughan WilliamsA London Symphony

Saturday 22nd November 2014 - Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: Gareth Harris
Leader: Carmen Tunney
SuppeOverture "Poet and Peasant"
SibeliusKarelia Suite
BrahmsSymphony No. 2

Saturday 21st June 2014 - Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Tunney
SchubertUnfinished Symphony
DvorakSymphony No 9 - From the New World

Saturday 8th March 2014 - Wiltshire Music Centre

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Tunney
QuilterA Children"s Overture
BeethovenPiano Concerto No, 5 "The Emperor"Soloist: Cordelia Williams (piano)
MussorgskyPictures at an Exhibition

Saturday 23rd November 2013 - Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Tunney
WaltonSpitfire Prelude and Fugue
ProkofievPeter and the Wolf
Saint-SaensDanse Macabre
PoulencLes Biches

Saturday 22nd June 2013 - Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Tunney
DvorakSlavonic Dances 1, 2 8
HaydnCello ConcertoSoloist Liz Anderson
BeethovenSymphony No. 5

Saturday 23rd March 2013 - Wiltshire Music Centre

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Tunney
MendelssohnHebrides Overture
RachmaninovRhapsody on a Theme of PaganiniSoloist Cordelia Williams (piano)
ElgarEnigma Variations

Saturday 1st December 2012 - Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Fern Joyce
Vaughan Williams (arr Jacob)English Folksong Suite
GounodPetite Symphonie
GriegHolberg Suite
HaydnSymphony No.103 "Drum Roll"

Saturday 30th June 2012 - United Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
ArriagaSymphony in D major
WeberBassoon ConcertoSoloist: Elizabeth Scott
MendelssohnSymphony No. 3 "The Scottish"

Saturday 31st March 2012 - Wiltshire Music Centre

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
BizetJeux d'Enfants
CanteloubeSongs of the AuvergneSoloist: Maria Danishvar Brown (soprano)
MahlerSymphony no.4

Saturday 19th November 2011 - Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge, Trowbridge

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
Vaughan WilliamsOverture "The Wasps"
MozartClarinet ConcertoSoloist: Katie Stevens
BrahmsSymphony No. 1

Saturday 25th June 2011 - Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge, Trowbridge

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
BorodinIn the Steppes of Central Asia
TchaikovskyBallet Suite Op. 20 "Swan Lake"
MussorgskyNight on Bare Mountain

Saturday 19th March 2011 - Wiltshire Music Centre

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
MozartOverture and Extracts from "The Marriage of Figaro"Emily Bradley (soprano), Maria Danishvar Brown (soprano), Steve Brown (baritone)
DvorakSymphony No. 7 in D minor

Saturday 6th November 2010 - Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
RossiniOverture "The Thieving Magpie
BeethovenSymphony No.8 in F Op.93
Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.5 in D

Saturday 20th March 2010 - Wiltshire Music Centre

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
VerdiOverture "The Force of Destiny"
SchumannPiano Concerto in A minorAnna Roberts
TchaikovskyCapriccio Italien
ProkofievSuite "Lieutenant Kije"

Saturday 26th June 2010 - Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
MozartOverture "La Clemenza di Tito"
FinziDies Natalis
StraussSerenade for Wind Op.7
HaydnSymphony No.99 in Eb


Autumn - Holy Trinity

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
HumperdinckOverture Hansel and Gretel
MendelssohnViolin ConcertoNadia Myerscough
RachmaninovSymphony No.2

Summer - United Church

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
ElgarWand of Youth Suite No.1
MozartViolin Concert No.3Clare March
DvorakSymphony No.8

Spring - Wiltshire Music Centre

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
MozartDon Giovanni Overture
BeethovenPiano Concerto No.1Anna Roberts
HolstThe Planets


Autumn - Civic Hall

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
Rossini/BrittenMatinees Musicales
RodrigoConcierto d’AranjuezCobie Smit
TchaikowskySymphony no.6 (Pathetique)

Summer - Holy Trinity

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
RossiniOverture The Silken Ladder
MozartHorn Concerto No.2Mervyn Stephens
BeethovenSymphony no.1

Spring - Wiltshire Music Centre

Conductor: David Price
Leader: Carmen Mirza
McCunnLand of the Mountain and the Flood
TchaikowskyViolin ConcertoPauline Lowbury
ButterworthThe Banks of Green Willow
KappSymphony No.2